Democrats Return To Heroes Act Political Scam

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Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi never had any intention of letting the unemployed, schools, hospitals, and small businesses get any money before the election. This horrible and evil woman calculated that if she tanks the economy before the election that voters would blame Trump. The Democrats believed that this worked for them, not realizing that this was why they lost so much in down ballots.

Look at how the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (Heroes Act) and how it was written. There are so many poison pills put in the bill that it never has a chance in hell of becoming law. Now after the election, the evil Democrats are back at trying to push this through. They know they cannot possibly make that bill law under Trump, so once again the country gets nothing.

They are even talking about another lockdown after they abandoned the entire nation and left them to fend for themselves for the second half of 2020. Because they cut off the emergency money, they will never get this country to ever lockdown again. The Democrats will never pass stimulus until they see whether they get control of the Senate. It is an evil act perpetrated by evil people.

Chuck and Nancy do not care about working-class people or small businesses. They are the party of Wall Street and Big Tech now. There has been a total re-alignment of the two major parties. The destruction the Democrats have already caused is cataphoric. The emergency help all ended at the end of July and they stood by and did nothing while millions lost it all.

The Democrats believe if they win the two run-off elections in the state of Georgia that they can get Joe Biden to sign the Heroes Act into law. Because they believe this, they will not help any American or American small businesses throughout the holiday season. The rest of the year is set in stone, with no more stimulus. The Republicans have done a piss poor job messaging what is happening here. Our total government has failed us in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

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