No Stimulus Congress Abandoned Americans

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In an act of pure evil congress shuts down the Senate until after the election without pushing through a stimulus bill. No money for the unemployed. No money for businesses. No money for schools. No money for hospitals. Congress does nothing for America who is dying on the vine on a grand scale. It is an act of evil perpetrated by evil people otherwise know as congress.

Senator Joe Mansion Democrat from West Virginia said after they shut down the Senate until after the election, that sending him home with nothing to give his people, businesses, schools, and hospitals is outrageous. He said these stimulus talks went nowhere because Nancy and Chuck have personality conflicts. He said they hate Trump so much that they won’t let a stimulus bill go through. He said we need new faces and people in the negotiations to get this through. He was devastated that he was going back home with nothing for his people.

All the emergency benefits ran out at the end of July. It is clear now for anyone with a looking on that the Democrats in congress believed if they cut off all the people from unemployment benefits, that the people would blame the president. They calculated that if they crash the economy by cutting off funds to unemployed people, the schools, stimulus checks for everyone, and money for the hospitals that somehow the populace would be so ignorant as to blame the president for their evil.

Every single Democrat voted to block unemployment benefits, money for schools, money for hospitals, all in which they agreed with the Republicans. Why can’t Joe Biden talk to his party and stop them from hurting all of these people? It was the government that swiped out all these jobs with a forced shutdown when all we needed to do was to wear masks. Then, they cut all of the people off of the benefits and stimulus payments. Our government has abandoned us.

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