I’m With Andrew Yang Ban All Pharmaceutical Commercials

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When you hear pharmaceutical commercials list a never-ending list of horrific side effects they often include suicide. Where are the statics of suicides created by listening or watching these damn things? These soul-sucking commercials that list every single thing that could go wrong by taking their medications really do need to be banned. These ubiquitous nightmares play 24/7 and drive everyone nuts.

Many of them are almost pornographic in tone and you have to change the channel when there is a child in the room. Explaining four hour erections to a ten-year-old is not what people want to do. I’m old enough to remember when commercials were cute and fun. We have come a long way from Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” or “Have a coke and smile.” It is time for Congress to ban pharmaceutical commercials once and for all.

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