If Chris Christie Survived COVID-19 Why Is Anyone Even Dying At All

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It really is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Chris Christie walked out of the hospital alive. If we are to believe what we are told about this disease, then how on Earth did Chris Christie survive? We are specifically told that people in Chris Christie’s health are the ones that parish in this pandemic. I am glad he walked out still alive, I like the man, but how was that even possible?

There is something very off about that. As soon as I saw Chris walk into the hospital, I thought there is no way he comes out alive. He has asthma and he is extremely obese. We are told these are the people that die, yet he did not. So why? How did he make it? What did they do for him that over two-hundred and ten thousand Americans did not get? Did the president get him that experiential stuff that he took? We are going to need some answers here.

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