Heroes Act Designed To Crash The Economy

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Nancy Pelosi never had any intention of letting the employed, schools, hospitals, and small businesses get any money before the election. This horrible woman calculated that if she tanks the economy before the election that voters would blame Trump. How do we know this? Well, look at how the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (Heroes Act) was written.

Nancy put so many poison pills in the act that the Republicans under no circumstances would except there liberal political orgy. There is so much in the act that has nothing to do with COVID-19 that there would be no chance whatsoever the act would see the light of day or a presidential signature. The word marijuana appears more times in the bill than the word jobs.

As millions of businesses go out of business forever and millions of unemployed people are left destroyed Pelosi plays political games. This is an evil act performed by evil people. Every single Democrat voted against a bill that would get money to the employed, schools, hospitals, and small businesses. They spin this as if it is the other side holding it up.

If you are so ignorant as not to see the obvious here, then you deserve the fate that is yours. If you are a small business owner and you vote for Democrats this time you deserve what happens to your business. Elections have consequences and the Republicans have been trying to keep the economy afloat and the Democrats have been blocking as not to give Trump credit before the election. It is that simple.

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