Echoes Of Jeff Sessions Amy Coney Barrett Flirts With Recusal

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Nothing could be more dangerous than Amy Coney Barrett recusing herself from a case about the 2020 presidential election or Obamacare. Something like that could literally spark a civil war. What would it be like, if like in the year 2000, the election lands up at the steps of the Supreme Court? Then, the court said what they said, ruled what they ruled, and it was all decided. The country excepted their ruling and we moved on.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and it happens again, but this time, one of the justices recuses herself and leaves eight members to decide the election. The normal left-right split happens in the decision and then the election has no end. There would be no closure there and it could spark a shooting war with the people who think their vote did not count. This is a nightmare scenario that Amy nor this country should ever flirt with.

It seemed like in the hearing Amy was caving to the false idea from the left that she should recuse herself from and any case involving the election or the Affordable Care Act. She seemed to flirt with that idea in the hearing. We all remember Jeff Sessions and what his recusal did to this nation. There would have been no Russia, Russia, Russia if William Barr was the original pick for Attorney General. These things matter. Elections have consequences and so does recusals.

If the standard is just “the appearance of conflict” then we are all screwed. The left can make the “appearance” of all sorts of conflicts that are not real. They can make the “appearance” that our president is a Russian agent, but it wouldn’t be true. They could create the “appearance” that something wrong is going wrong in Ukraine, but it wouldn’t be true. The left is the masters of creating the “appearance” of this or that.

If Amy does not do an about-face then President Trump should pull her nomination and find someone with more steel in their spine. He should replace Amy with someone who can not be so easily manipulated by the left. I think that this is a notion that needs serious looking at. If that woman caves to the left, then I fear what would happen to this country. We would have the “appearance” of a democracy, but not really.

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