Democrats Try To Crash Economy Before Election By Cutting Off Benefits

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It is clear now for anyone with a brain that the Democrats believed if they cut off all the people from unemployment benefits, that the people would blame Trump. They calculated that if they crash the economy by cutting off funds to unemployed people, the schools, stimulus checks for everyone, and money for the hospitals that somehow the populace would be so ignorant as to blame the president for their evil.

It is one of the evilest acts I have seen my government do in my lifetime. The Speaker of the House believes that the voters can’t see what she has done. Even when her leftist sycophant’s press asks her to take a deal she berates them. Nancy Pelosi is an evil person. What she has done here should not be rewarded on election day. I yearn for a big red wave to sweep these evil scamps away and send them into retirement once and for all.

The government sees in all of these states lines that are miles long at food banks, yet they play their politics. They care about power, they do not care about you. The government is the one that destroyed millions of people’s jobs, businesses, and lives by doing a forced shutdown when all we had to do was wear masks. Then they cut everyone and everything off from emergency funds and then everyone and everything dies on the vine.

The ruse of the Hero’s Act as some kind of real thing that could have helped us is a flat-out falsehood. They know that and they know that bill would never be signed into law. They filled it with so many poison pills that it never had a chance to be a real thing. Then, they hide behind that ruse and acted like they are the ones trying to save the people. Anyone who believes that deserves the plight they are experiencing. And, anyone who votes Democrat in this election is complicit in this evil misery.

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