Cuomo Brothers Are Such Phonies

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You can say much about the Cuomo brothers and most of it would not be flattering, but what stands out is their phoniness. These two men are just full of it. Their father was a serious person and almost made it to the Supreme Court, but his sons lack the gravitas that the father had. I’d compare the two boys to Beavis and Butt-Head if I was looking for an example.

There was a moment when Chris was fighting COVID-19 where he realized and said out loud how vacuous his life was working for CNN. That moment of clarity and evident truth faded and Chris returned to his meaningless career bloviating on cable television.

Not much of a contribution to the world I am afraid. The guy is such a phony screaming nightly on CNN about wearing masks and then you go on the internet and find countless pictures of him not wearing one. Chris is probably the oddest brother of the two, walking around naked in his yard and stuff. Twisting the meaning of Godfather characters is another oddity about that man.

Andrew Cuomo on the other hand, well, his contributions to the world are quite more pernicious, as he is the Grim Reaper and bringer of death. The countless elderly he has slaughtered due to his incipient governance is without equal amongst his peers.

The number of grandmas and grandpas he put in the grave might not ever be truly tallied. Of course that phony goes around acting like he did not do what he did to those poor people. Andrew says he sleeps just fine at night as he sends thousands of nursing home residents to the big sleep.

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