Donald Trump The King Of Peace

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President Donald Trump has brought peace to the Middle East. For a second, think of how many times the left has made fun of Jared Kushner bringing peace to the Middle East. All your hear is crickets now and they will ignore all of the insults they threw at Jared and President Trump. It took MSNBC and CNN less than thirty seconds to say something negative about peace.

Peace seems to be something the left is clearly against. Whether it’s in the Middle East or the streets of Portland, the leftists do not seem to want peace. The left has become a very violent group. There does not seem to be a moral compass anymore when it comes to the left here in America. As President Trump piles up Nobel Peace Prize nominations, the left burns down cities.

It is kind of a contrast when you look at it. I have never seen an election where the choice is so starkly different. Anyone who votes for Joe Biden is part of the problem. To support anything of the left nowadays makes you complicit with all of this violence. There is no way around that axiom, there is no spin that will change that evident truth. Maybe time to read Matthew 5:9 I would say and ask what side will you be on in November.

Donald Trump is the King of Peace and that will be part of his legacy. Simply said, Trump is a transformative president. Long after this president leaves the Earth whether it would be the courts or peace, Trump’s legacy will be still rolling along. Imagine what the man could do with another four years. Going back in time to Joe Biden has to be the last thing America will ever do. We must move forward.

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