When There Is A Woman On The Presidential Ticket They Always Lose

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Every single time either party puts a woman on a presidential ticket they always lose. Why you think this time is any different, I have no idea. As soon as Biden boxed himself in by promising a woman running mate he guarantees his loss. America seems to not be ready for an African American or a woman for the top job. We’ve never had either so what has changed? What?

I do not know why we haven’t had either yet, but I do not sense any massive change in America’s ethos that says otherwise. I know there is always wishful thinking but political gravity always takes hold. If Joe picked a biracial man like his former boss Obama, he would have had a chance in November. But has it stands, women seem to be a drag on the presidential ticket.

You might want to wish this reality away but it is a fact. Every time it has been tried it has failed. You might have a certain view on the #MeToo Movement, but there is a thought that it went too far and there will be a backlash in November when people try to send a woman to the White House. Bet you never thought of that angle. Misogyny will reign at the voting booth. To deny any of this is to set yourself up for a crushing disappointment. Trump is going to win.

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