I Do Not Care What LeBron James Thinks About Anything

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I am constantly seeing on the news that LeBron James said this, LeBron James said that and I wonder who are these people who care what the hell he thinks or says on things outside basketball. I don’t follow the NBA, I don’t follow basketball anymore and I damn sure do not care what this man has to say about politics.

I feel that the NBA took a very urban turn after Michael Jordan left the league. They certainly do not target white men like me. I believe James couldn’t hold Jordan’s jockstrap. When Micheal played I did not know his politics and I liked it that way.

Sports are escapism and injecting politics into sports have harmed everything from the NBA to the NFL. The NFL had a lot of empty stadiums last year over the kneeling thing and the NBA ratings are way down right now. They are all self-destructing and they are self-unaware of this. The NBA being subservient to China certainly does not help anything.

People are messing up sports and maybe forever. I have people in my own family that left the NFL forever and never to return, they watch their football on Saturday now. Now thanks to the coronavirus college football won’t be around for many of those people who left the NFL.

Instead of using this situation to get the fans back, the NFL doubles down and says they should have listened to Colin Kaepernick. Are you kidding me? Colin Kaepernick? Why do I have to listen to that man? Well, I don’t. We do not. We just hope that these politics inserted into sports come to an end because the fan-ship will.

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