Why Haven’t We Found Out Which If Any Air Filters Kill COVID-19

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There are air filters that kill other coronaviruses, so why haven’t we found out if any of them kill this one? Our response to this has been horrible! Imagine if there is an air filtration system that kills this and we have wasted all of this time. Maybe it has been sitting around all of this time and we could have saved many lives.

Why have we not speed up the production of N95 and TM2020 masks as we did back in WW2 days? Again, our response to this virus has been horrible! Every American should have one of those two masks and we could stave this virus out. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to think of these things.

The government is letting all of us down on a grand scale. It is embarrassing, disappointing, and inexcusable. I feel nothing but shame and anger. We need to vote out every last one of these bastards in November. The fact that all we have to pick from is two old Baby Boomers for president is a heartbreak. It is a travesty.

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