What Is Clear Is That Democrats Are A Violent Group Of People

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You know, if you are going to be truly truthful and trustful about things, you have to admit that Democrats are a very violent group of people. They just are, they are extremely violent as a people. It is not Republicans burning down buildings. It is not Republicans killing and beating cops. It is not the right blocking highways and regular people trying to get to point A to point B. It is Democrats.

These are all Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden voters. Nobody tearing down any statues or setting them ablaze is a Republican that is voting for Trump. These are leftists. These are Democrats. These are violent people. Do they not understand that we see this? Do they not apperceive how they are looked upon by the rest of us? You know, I don’t think they have any clue. Well, we got a clue about all of this. We see that Democrats are violent people. Full stop.

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