Trump Will Lose Election If He Does Not Extend Unemployment

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If the president cuts off the six-hundred a week federal unemployment he will lose the election without a doubt. Over forty-five million people have filed for unemployment claims and over thirty-million are currently getting benefits. With a spike in the virus, more jobs will be lost and more small businesses will crumble.

This is a lifeline that is propping up ten of millions of people and keeping them from being homeless. A failure to extend these benefits through the end of the year would be catastrophic to Trump’s reelection hopes. If you think we have too many people on the streets now causing trouble, wait until the government cuts off that lifeline.

I don’t think President Trump has a chance in November, but if he cuts off tens of millions of people you can put a fork in it, he’ll be a one-term president. Now I’ve heard the argument from millionaires that surround Trump in his administration that this six-hundred dollar benefit is an incentive not to go back to work, but that reflects more on America’s companies that are not paying people enough income, not some lack of wanting to work.

This entire scenario just shows why Andrew Yang’s idea of Universal Basic Income is the only way to move forward. There is no need to borrow any more money from future generations just implement UBI and be done with it. Common sense needs to prevail here and these problems must be solved. But instead of solving them, congress is about to take another break and won’t be back until ten days before the benefits expire.

Last but not least this money in all actuality is stimulus for the economy and if you take the unemployment benefits away the whole thing will crash. The civil unrest this will cause is reason enough to extend it. We are on the brink on many levels and if this money is allowed to be cut off the government is putting all of us in peril in many ways.

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