Joe Biden Not In A Million Years

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The Democrats did not give America a viable choice to replace President Trump. If Trump is reelected it is their fault. Not in a million years would anyone I know switch from Trump to Biden. It does not matter how Trump disappointed so many, Joe Biden is an unacceptable replacement for Donald Trump.

There was more than one acceptable choice during the Democrat primary, yet the party lands up giving us some senile old man. This is just not permissible to any thinking person. We are going to pick narcissism over senility seven days a week and twice on Sunday. It is not even a close call. I did not want Trump reelected but there is no way in hell, I’d give Joe the nuclear codes.

Trump knows how to run an economy, every one of my business owners that are in my network had the best years under Trump that they’ve had business-wise financially since the 1980s. That’s my circle of people, it’s people that own their own companies and it’s a different world. I’m not on the golf course golfing with the judge. There are entrepreneurs out there and it’s feast or famine.

Trump gave everybody six-hundred dollars on top of whatever their state was given people for unemployment, that was a pretty amazing thing. I don’t think that would have ever happened under Obama. I think he gave like twenty-five dollars extra to everybody a week. It certainly wasn’t six-hundred, that’s for sure.

I remember George W. Bush sent everybody like four-hundred bucks to send everyone some of their tax money back, and like everybody got a check. You never see that kind of thing under Democrats. They just want to raise your taxes, take your money, and go do all their little Democrat things with it. Joe Biden would be no different. The man would destroy our economy on day one. Joe Biden, not in a million years.

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