Joe Biden Loses Control Of His Own VP Pick

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Joe Biden backed himself in a corner claiming he was going to pick a woman for vice president. Now with racial unrest, Joe is being forced to pick a black woman. Joe lost complete control of his own VP pick. Sure, he gets pick the black woman, but that is the only control he has. If he wins he will be the biggest puppet president that we have ever seen in our collective lives.

Nothing will be his own, not even his words and certainly not his actions. There is nobody alive today that has ever seen anything like this in our presidency. The presidency won’t be his, but rather lots of people, and groups, that will be running the show. They will tell him what he must do. They got a possibly senile very old white man to do there bidding. There is a test for senility and we should demand it. And I include his wife in that, because god knows what she is up to, she dam well knows he is slipping, but still puts him out there anyway.

They will keep Joe in the basement for as long as they can and for as much as they can. Meanwhile, they will wait and hope that Trump implodes all on his own. That is their plan, they have already admitted it publicly. Terry McAuliffe, a slimy Democrat and Joe Biden backer, told a meeting of Virginia Democrats that Joe Biden should remain in his Delaware home’s basement for the duration of the 2020 presidential campaign. They are not trying to hide this plan.

When Joe had his wits about him he was a dishonest person. The man got caught in all sorts of stuff including plagiarism. The man is not trustworthy on any level and would be horrible for America’s future. He had a hand on spying on the Trump campaign and should not be rewarded the White House for it. When you see the extent of how Joe and his entire family got rich off politics it will turn your stomach. But more importantly, look at how he just lost control of his VP pick, that is just the beginning.

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