What Is Jill Biden’s Agenda And Why Is She Doing This

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Most of us have family members who have dealt with acuity issues. Whether it would be senility, dementia of Alzheimer the medical community has tests to determine which one a person is dealing with. Having dealt with all three with my own family I would guess Joe Biden has senility. It is not the 1970s where we don’t know which one it is or we lump them all together. I’m willing to bet Jill Biden knows which one she is dealing with.

The problem here is when someone in our families is dealing with these issues other families don’t push the suffering family member out into the public to run for office. We get them the help that they need, we don’t have them run for president for heaven’s sake. So what is Jill up to? Why is she doing this? What is her agenda? Something is going on here. Who is behind Jill pushing her to do this with her ailing husband?

It is creepy watching how she never leaves his side. She is always standing there making sure he does not mess this up. But the question is, what is”this” and how big of a conspiracy is it? Jill looks very calculating and suspicious to me. She is clearly up to something and I find it horrible that she is pushing Joe to do this. Joe is clearly losing his sharpness each day that passes, yet Jill props him up and broadcasts him out of her basement.

Personally, I do not like Jill Biden. She is very unlikeable to me and the thought of her being the First Lady is horrifying. Since Joe does not even know where he is half the time, would he know where he is when he’d be in the White House? Who knows? So who is behind the scene trying to get control of the presidency? Is Jill Biden alone in this desire? I can’t see her doing this on her own, but whoever is behind this needs to be exposed before it is too late. Something is very off here.

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