Joe Biden’s Dirty Fingers And Hair Sniffing

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Is Joe Biden a dirty old man? Does he rape women with his fingers? Why does he touch women’s shoulders and smell the hair so much? What are all those hugs about? These are just a few questions people would like answered but the left-leaning press will never get to the heart of it. Already we can see the difference with this subject matter when it is one of their own.

Well, we are certainly not gonna get to the bottom of any of it watching Mika on the Morning Joe interview Biden. Where are all of the “I believe Tara Reade” mantra, like it was with Dr. Ford? The hypocritical doublespeak from the left thunders with this situation. Everyone can see it. There is no hiding the irony here. Are Sleepy Joe’s fingers awake? Until we hear from Tara, I will hold my judgment.

Reade will be on one of the Sunday morning shows and we can all judge for ourselves whether she is telling the truth. It is hilarious how the left brings forth this old white guy in the Me Too era who has all this baggage. As soon as Hillary Clinton showed up to endorse Joe in the middle of a sex abuse scandal, our collective memories got a jilt from the Bill Clinton days. Something feels real here, but it is too soon to know, we must hear from the accuser.

I have a feeling that there will be many more scandals before this is over. Joe Biden and his family are very rich now. When reporters start digging into that, I have a feeling a whole lot more stuff is gonna come Joe’s way. With protection from the leftist mainstream media, Joe will probably survive it all. I don’t see the press digging too deep when it comes to Joe Biden. Their desire to take down Trump supersede any real reporting here. Good thing is, we are not stupid.

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