Isn’t More Likely That Trump Has The Virus

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I find it a little hard to believe that any doctor would put anyone, let alone the president, on those particular medications to a person who does not have COVID-19. I think it is unlikely that we are being told much truth throughout this pandemic. I don’t believe the president on this one. I know it hard to say that because he is always telling the truth.

What if his administration, through the Attorney General and through the Durham investigation, uncovered some really gnarly stuff about the CIA and Obamagate? And then, what if they decide that the two old guys in a White House, Trump, and Pence, have to get the virus and now put Nancy in charge? She is third in line in succession. If Trump and or Pence dies of this disease it’s going to get really weird. All I can say is Trump absolutely looks sick and I can’t imagine why he would be on that cocktail of three medications if he didn’t have this coronavirus. He is overweight and might not survive this battle with the virus.

I like having fun with conspiracies and there is a lot to work with here. What if foreign governments weaponize the virus and start to take out our leaders? If anyone dies from the virus, how could they prove who gave it to them? Well, they can’t, it could be the perfect weapon. What if that is what has happened already and that is why America got hit the most. Maybe they convince us that we did it to our-self with such a shabby way of handling things?

The coronavirus might make 9/11 look like child’s play when it comes to spawning conspiracies. Theorists everywhere are going to have a ball with all of this. Whether it be the CIA, foreign government, or Trump’s stupidity, the fact that he is taking the hydroxychloroquine cocktail is very suspicious.

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