Florida’s Space Coast Returns To Glory

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I have lived all over the nation on both coasts and in between and the Space Coast has been my very favorite place to live. Here I stand on my balcony and watch rockets get shot into space and tomorrow we will put Americans on those rockets once again. I stood in my front yard and watched the very last shuttle to be launched and all these years later I will watch our triumphant return to space.

When Obama ended the shuttle program without having any backup plan the area was devastated. Businesses left and right closed and many people moved away. Because of that asinine decision the area was sent into a mini depression and America had to pay Russia crazy money to launch astronauts to the space station. President Obama was the single most devastating force when it came to the health of Florida’s Space Coast, he decimated it.

But something happened that none of us expected, the private industry came to the rescue. Through a series of deregulation private industry was allowed in and historic launch pads were leased out to companies like Space X and others. It was a renaissance of sorts for the area and it quickly came back to life. Even the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos opened up a rocket factory called Blue Origin and brought lots of jobs to the area. The Space Coast was back and truly better than ever.

I can’t wait to stand on my balcony tomorrow and look on with American pride as we launch our astronauts from America soil once again. You can feel the entire building shake during each launch that goes up from Cape Canaveral. You can’t imagine how loud the sonic booms are when they return the rockets back down to the ground. No matter how much you brace for it and know it is coming, it still rattles your whole body. The whole thing is thrilling beyond words and so is America’s return to space, I am full of pride.

President Trump deserves great credit for what he has done for the space program. He promised he’d return astronauts to space and tomorrow promise kept. He promised a moon program and he delivered and he expanded the military with the creation of Space Force. Trump has been the best thing to happen to the Space Coast and the overall space program since the Apollo Missions. It was all more than just words, Donald backed it up with money for the budget. All of this will be part of his legacy, not to mention the legacy of America’s space program.

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