Showtime’s Homeland Ends In Triumphant Mastery

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When I first heard they were ending Homeland I got an ache in my soul. Like other shows, I’ve fallen in love with when you hear it is going to end it feels like a death in the family. The first time I felt that way was when HBO ended Deadwood and I might even felt that with Rome. I have felt that way a few times since and now, here is the feeling once again. I am in mourning.

Some shows come along every once in a while that is truly must-see TV and Homeland was one of them. Like other shows that last that many years there are always ups and downs. Homeland was no different, it had its peaks and valleys. Like the movie series Rocky, it started off great and also lost itself along the way, only to find itself in the end. Homeland was very much like that. But make no mistake about it, they found there way back to greatness.

Because it just ended last night I will not give away the plot. However, I would love to take the time to thank everyone involved with bringing us this unforgettable show. I felt like the last season brought us back to the original vibe of the first two seasons. It was like how I felt after Rocky 5 and then part 6 Rocky Balboa came out and you see Sylvester Stallone found his way back. Homeland did the same thing, they triumphantly found their way back to brilliance. They did not just hit a home-run, they blasted a grand slam out into television history.

The acting, the writing, the directing, and just about every aspect of Homeland is television preeminence. America needs to build a Hall of Fame for TV shows and Homeland deserves a spot in it. I am so sad this show has come to an end. I am grateful that I found this show and stayed with it. I watched every minute of every episode of every season. I am one of their greatest fans.

I know that I will be feeling this way once again when Showtime ends Billions, another incredible show, but for now, my grief is present. Above all, even above the writers, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin for bringing all of us the most incredible experiences. It was an adventure and those two put on some of the best performances I have ever seen in my life. Together they embody mastery and without them, this would have been a very different thing. Thank you Showtime, thank you! And thank you for ending it that way. Perfect, just perfect!

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