What Is Elizabeth Warren Doing

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Why is she in the race? What is she doing? What is going on here? There is no path for Elizabeth Warren to win the nomination. What is she up to? Is she delusional? Has she lost her marbles? In her dreams, does she picture her self living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Does she see herself, in her mind’s eye, her, as the president of the United States? What is going through her head? Elizabeth Warren is still taking votes from Bernie and we have to ask ourselves, why?

You just witnessed the consolidation of the moderate/corporate Democrat Party with all of those endorsements that Joe Biden just got. Why did “Liz” not have Sanders covered, why did she not have his literal back, on the day he was getting creamed with Joe Biden and his endorsements? She could have counteracted the moderate wing of the Democrat Party and gave endorsements to the progressives? Notice, she did not do that. When he needed her the most, when the movement needed her the most, she was simply not around that day. What do you think that is about?

The Democratic establishment is gathering together to remove a threat to their existence. They will circle the wagons, and in fact, it has already begun. They will put this populist movement down, no matter what it takes. Sound familiar? Remember 2016? We all remember the same situation that the right dealt with. No one thought it could happen back then. Do they think that about Bernie now? The way they said Trump could never win back then, is there a parallel? I would say the history of arrogance would say yes.

If “Liz” really cares about the progressive movement and wants to see it in the White House, then what is she doing? As soon as the moderates saw that their participation was causing harm to what they believe in and that they had no path, what was clear is they made the right choice. What choice is Warren doing? What the hell does her action mean? Not for nothing, but she owes all of us an answer to that question.

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