Let’s Call The Virus The Commie Cough Not The Chinese Virus

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It is pretty amazing watching the left-wing media in our nation defend the communist government of China. Calling our president a racist because he calls this virus the Chinese virus is off the charts Trump Derangement Syndrome. The world is specifically in this place we find ourselves because of their form of government in China and its lack of transparency.

There is nothing wrong with the president calling this virus the Chinese virus. It is not racist to call the Chinese out on the carpet for their dishonesty and how they harm the rest of the planet. It would be political malpractice for our president not to hold them to account. Even if it is only verbally, the president did the right thing here. China should pay a much bigger price for all of this by the rest of the entire world.

Watching the press cover this pandemic through the lens of the mainstream press and their hatred for President Donald Trump has been disgusting to view. Everything is Trump’s fault, they say he his doing everything wrong, blah, blah, blah. The press is self-unaware of how they come across to the rest of us that do not suffer from this brain condition they are inflicted with. They have disgraced themselves for the last three years, well beyond anything I could have imagined. And I have a great imagination.

I’ve heard it called Wuhan coronavirus, Kung-Flu, and the Chinese Flu. I prefer the Commie Cough above all because it hits at the heart of the matter. It is because of that form of government, Communism, that more people have died that wouldn’t have. It is not racist to point any of this out. It is not racist to point out that the left-wing press is carrying the propaganda water for the Communist government of China. Instead of singling out Chinese people, we single out communists. Who can complain about that? Communists and their sympathizers, that’s who.

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