There Is No Path Why Is Elizabeth Warren Still In Race

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Is there nobody in Warren’s life that could let her know it is over? There is no path to the nomination for Elizabeth. Why is she still running? The senator lost Iowa, she lost New Hampshire, her neighboring state, and she even walked out of New Hampshire with zero delegates. Elizabeth can’t win Nevada or South Carolina, so why has she not dropped out yet?

You have to have a path to victory if you are going to ask America for their money and more importantly their vote. There is absolutely no feasible path for Elizabeth Warren to capture the Democrat Nomination. The country did not like her. We all got a very good look at her and there was a lot to see that was unlikable. Top of the list is that she comes across like a phony. She is just not an honest person.

It was revealed one example after the other of Elizabeth Warren lying about this or lying about that in her past. So, she comes across as a dishonest person that will tell whatever crowd she is in front of whatever they want to hear. She never got fired because she was pregnant, she was never Native American Indian and I can go on and on. The woman is not truthful and the camera caught that and we all saw it. That is why the race is over for her.

However, she does not seem to apperceive any of this. Warren is still running for president. It is just a waste of time and money. She was a Bernie hanger-on and she thought she would steal those voters away. The people that like Bernie don’t want Bernie lite, they want the real deal when it comes to Democratic Socialism. They don’t want somebody hanging on his coattails. Why is this woman still running? Why?

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