Last Time I Watch The Oscars Ever Again

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I have not watched the Oscars in many years. I gave up a very long time ago when the show turned into a one-sided political bashing extravaganza. I realized all of the actors that I loved were slowly falling out of favor with me as I got force-fed their politics and world views. I just wanted to enjoy their art and did not want to hate their movies. But they made it impossible for me.

All of these movies that I loved were being poisoned when all I could see anymore was the actor’s rabid political viewpoints. I could not get over the fact that these people were so condescending towards half of the people of this nation. It freaked me out how they believe that if you don’t share their view, that something was wrong with you. A my way of the highway milieu took over Hollywood and it never went away.

I never understood why as a business model, how they would alienate half of the viewing public. From a financial point of view, it just seemed so foolhardy. Clearly, they learned nothing from Michael Jordan when it can to business. Micheal wanted to sell sneakers to everyone, not just Democrats. He took some heat over that over the years but he laughed his way all the way to the bank.

One thing that was always odd to me was their group think not only about politics but that because they were all famous actors they felt we cared about what they thought about anything. It is like a group narcissism thing, not just narcissism, but some strange group narcissism or Georgetown cool-aide stuff. It is the height of arrogance and a huge portrait of people living in a bubble.

I tuned in this time and after all this time because of Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. That was the only reason, I wanted to see if they would finally give Quentin his due as a director or give another one to Martin. When I saw a foreign film win the best picture and director my head exploded. Who the hell watches the Oscars for foreign films?

This is supposed to be about Hollywood, not some foreign crap. I will never ever watch this award show again. Apparently, I am not the only one, the ratings came in and it was the lowest ever recorded. Don’t expect them to learn any lessons from that. They cannot see these truths from within the bubble. They can not see you or me. The pedestal they have placed themselves upon is way too high.

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