After Two States Vote Mayor Pete Leads In Delegate Race

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There are all sorts of narratives being spun after the New Hampshire Primary. The press is saying Bernie Sanders is the front runner. Bernie is saying he won Iowa, but both of these story-lines are simply not true. Bernie is doing that thing that Hillary Clinton did by claiming because she won the popular vote that she really won. Also, not true, because we see who lives in the White House.

Democrats seem to not be aware of the actual race they are in and somehow are oblivious to its rules. I have seen this with Al Gore, Mrs. Clinton and now Bernie Sanders. No Bernie, you did not win Iowa and you are not the front runner for the Democrat nomination. Mayor Pete won Iowa because the race is measured by who got the most delegates and Pete won that. Yes, Bernie, you won the popular vote in both states, but Pete walked out of New Hampshire will the exact same amount of delegates. Now since Pete had more delegates in Iowa, that leaves Mayor Pete ahead in the race for the nomination.

It is simple and I don’t know why people from the left have such a hard time with math. Turn on any cable news channel and you will not hear the evident truth that I just laid out. You’ll hear all sorts of story-lines about all sorts of ways of looking at the race except for the one that is true, Mayor Pete is winning, not Bernie.

You really got to ask yourself why on Earth is reality ignored across the media landscape or what is behind all of that. Bernie can win all the popular votes he wants, but unless the man wins the most delegates then he’ll join Al Gore and Hillary in the ash bin of political history running around saying that he won, while Mayor Pete or somebody else accept the Democrat nomination at the convention this year in Milwaukee.

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