Without Andrew Yang The Debates Are A Disappointment

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Andrew Yang is the only forward-thinking Democrat candidate that is running in this primary season. The fact that he did not make the debate stage is a staggering disappointment for people looking for 21st Century solutions to 21st Century problems. The fact that we have all of these Baby Boomers still trying to cling on to power is problematic for progress in the United States of America.

It was the Boomers who got us into this current state of decline in infrastructure and so many other areas of American life. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with this primary season. For someone like me who supported Donald Trump the first time and will not again, we are left with no alternative choice from the Democrats. There is no way in Hell would I ever support another Baby Boomer for president or even for running a hot dog stand. They’d screw that up too.

What we have learned from the Democrats is they vote for white people just as much as the Republicans do. Never again will we ever listen to the Democrats about diversity or minority rights. They are the white party, the white and billionaire party. They just proved without a shadow of a doubt that all that talk of inclusion over the years was all just lip service to the politically correct crowd. But when the rubber hits the road, they vote white.

Vice President Joe Biden is clearly senile. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks she is a Native American Indian and looks like she is competing with Trump with getting caught lying. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will be hammered by Trump and the voters as a socialist. Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has no core and will go with whatever the direction the wind blows.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the best candidate on that stage but she never caught on in any real way. And, coal billionaire investor Tom Steyer has done more damage to the planet than all of the other candidates combined. What a horrible choice this time around. What a disappointing debate stage. You can blame the Democrats for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

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