The Afghanistan Papers Should End This War Immediately

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The Washington Post published The Afghanistan Papers today about the fold on page one. It was an article revealing decades of lies and deceptions across three administrations about the war in Afghanistan. The piece Craig Whitlock goes to the heart of what we call endless war. If people do not go to prison and this war does not come to an immediate end, we are not a nation of the people ran by the people. We are simply not free.

The last two presidents ran on ending wars and yet our troops are in more place today than it was when all of this started. We have lost so much money that could have been used to rebuild our nation twice over. The bloodshed that has incurred as a result of this deception is criminal. Somebody has to pay for this with their freedom, people need to go to prison. We were warned by a former president about the Military-Industrial Complex and we just ignored the warning. So here we are with a war that will not end no matter what the people say or what the presidents say.

If you have not read The Washington Post article today, I highly suggest you take the time to do so. This is our nation and what they are doing, they are doing in our name. It is a heartbreak that there is a shadow group of people that are running a shadow government that seems to answer to no one. I personally have published countless blogs over ending these wars. I have been screaming from the mountain top for years to stop these wars, but I am not The Washington Post. If the war does not end now, after this publication from The Post, then how will it ever end?

If President Trump holds his ground and ends these endless wars, he will make history. Since September 11th, 2001 this country has been on a two-decade-long tour de force of insane endless war. The end of the Afghan War is way overdue and every single one of those fallacious reasons that come out of those people’s mouths who keep this going, need to be ignored. I wouldn’t even bother to list them, we heard ad-nauseam for two decades their crazy reasoning for war with no end. It is time to end it now!

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