Mia Khalifa And Linda Lovelace Have Something In Common

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Mia Khalifa and Linda Lovelace (aka Linda Susan Boreman) ironically have something in common. Both women barely spent any time in the porn industry, yet they are two of the most famous women in all of porn. Linda, of course, was famous for her role in the iconic movie Deep Throat and Mia is famous for doing porn wearing an Islamic hijab.

Mia spent three months in the porn industry and Linda spent just three years in porn and did only three films. Looks like Mia did more films in the three months then Linda did in three years, but this reflects the changing nature of the industry today. Back in the early days of porn making movies moved along much slower. You can watch the HBO series The Deuce to learn about the early days of porn in the 1970s, I highly recommend that if the subject matter interest you.

Both women were very good at their temporary craft. Both of them left us with some unforgettable scenes to cherish for all of time. The camera loved these two women and caught their essential brilliance on film for all of us to appreciate. Their enduring sexuality and skill-sets when it came to sex are beyond noteworthy, they are a perennial jewel for married couples to enjoy. The marriages and sex lives of couples they helped are beyond measure and incalculable.

The two ladies both embraced their work in porn and rejected it during the course of their lifetimes. Neither one made any real money from their work while others still profit from this today. Of course, Mia is still with us and we want to keep it that way, dispute the Islamic extremists and their threats towards her. Linda On April 3, 2002, was involved in a terrible automobile accident.

Linda suffered massive trauma and internal injuries in the wreck. On April 22, 2002, she was taken off life support and passed away in Denver, Colorado, at the young age of 53. Her husband Larry Marchiano and their two children were there by her bedside when she expired. Linda Lovelace was interred at Parker Cemetery in Parker, Colorado. Mia still has a long life ahead of her.

Both of these women at one time or another have had regrets and or suffered from shame because of their work in porn. For me, that is the saddest thing about all of it. If I could press a button in their psyche and in an instant, show them all of the people they had a positive effect on, I would do that seven days a week and twice on Sundays. With all the talk of the dark side of porn, we sometimes ignore all the positivity that also surrounds it as well and how it helps many people for many different reasons. Many people, for lots of reasons, owe a great big thank you to Mia and Linda. You know who you are…

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