CIA War Wages On Against Trump

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The CIA has been at war with President Donald J. Trump for years now. The last three years of constant nonsense and getting little done in Washington the result of the ongoing war between the president and the Intelligence Community. Nothing more and nothing less is what has been happening.

America is being misled by the Central Intelligence Agency with the whole Russian fraud and now the Ukrainian nothing burger. The Deep State of thousands of career people who were unelected think they run this country and not our president. Their secret war being waged inside and behind the scenes has crippled this presidency and made it very hard for the rest of the world to work with us.

It is not a conspiracy theory to believe this war exists. That is just their talking point that they use to discredit any free-thinking person that can see what is going on. At every corner of this war there lays the CIA. It is not a coincidence that every single time, somehow, the CIA is in the background with all of it. This is the kind of crap they do to other countries and now they are doing it to another American President. Let’s not forget John F. Kennedy and how nobody could see the movie JFK with Kevin Costner and believe in the lone gun theory.

The Deep State has not given this president one single day of peace. Even the lawyer of the whistle-blower tweeted out right after the election that “The Coup” starts now and #impeachment was in the tweet as well. The whole damn country is being manipulated and you would have to have your head in the sand not to apperceive what is going on here. I am not a lemming falling off this cliff, you shouldn’t be either. People are trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election. Oliver Stone has a new movie to make now if he is not part of the resistance that is. I do not support Trump for reelection and I can still see what is going on here, what’s your excuse? .

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