The Democrats Presidential Coup Rolls On

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The Democrat Party and their arm, the mainstream press, are still busy trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election. There is no other way to interpret their actions for the last three years. It was not too long ago when Hillary Clinton was musing out loud that Trump would not except the results of the election. Fast forward to today and there is Clinton doing the same thing that she accused Trump of.

That seems to be the running theme when it comes to the corrupt Democrats. It seems that everything they point their fingers at in regards to the president is something they have already done themselves. This keeps happening over and over again.They want to impeach the president for asking about the Biden corruption in Ukraine but we are supposed to ignore what the Biden’s were doing in the first place.

Notice nobody in the press is putting a camera in Obama’s face asking him what the hell was going on with his government when he was in charge. Not one so-called reporter has asked Obama why did he let Biden and his son cash in while handling Ukraine. Not a single one has asked Obama why he let Hillary Clinton use a private server. Don’t expect the press to ask him why were his intelligence community spying on the Republican opposition and their candidate illegally.

There is a vast gulf between what Washington D.C. is doing and thinking juxtaposed to the regular people outside the bubble. Most everyone I know is shocked and upset about the way this president is being treated. This whole thing is going to backfire at the ballot box in 2020 with the reelection of Donald Trump. I can’t believe the Democrat bubblers can’t see this. There will be lots of Democrat tears election night. This country will not reward the Democrats for a 21st Century American style coup, they just won’t.

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