Press Promotes Endless War Out Of Hatred For Trump

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War, what is it good for? Absolute nothing, say it again. There was a time that the press would promote that song by Edwin Starr. Not today, today President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise by putting an end to endless war. He is going to pull the troops out of Syria. However, the press can’t have any of that. They will not allow Trump to have a win.

Instead, the press is pushing war as if they were promoting Neoconservatism and were not actually the liberal press. It is quite a sight to behold. It makes one sick just watching it. Trump was specifically put in office to end these endless wars. In fact, Obama was put in office partly for the same reason, but he failed us all in that regard. Here Trump is actually fighting the military-industrial complex and the press is working against him.

No matter how long we stay in the Middle East, whenever we would leave, it would have consequences. In other words, people will die. People die while we are there and people will die when we leave. There is no way around that axiom, but it is no reason to stay and have endless wars. The American taxpayer for a very long time now is tired of being the policeman of the world. Americans are tired of the same old politicians that push this evil and now the press has become Neo-Cons and is pushing more war on us.

This is only the first step to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise, next is Afghanistan. Trump will not be able to claim for the 2020 election that he ended endless war unless he brings the troops home from there. If you think the Neo-Cons and the press are angry now, wait until Trump pulls that off. You will be inundated with gloom and doom all over the airways when he pulls the troops from there. The abject hatred for President Donald Trump turned the liberal press into warmongers. The press has lost all credibility and I’ll never trust them ever again. You shouldn’t either.

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