Fox News Should Help Stacey Dash Hollywood Won’t She’s Conservative

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When I heard the star of the movie Clueless and former Fox News personality was arrested in New Port Richey, Florida for domestic abuse I was shocked. I didn’t know she lived in Florida as I do and I love the town of New Port Richey. I was sad to hear her story. It sounds like she is stuck in a bad marriage and is being painted has an evil step-mom with a bunch of teenage kids.

When I heard she told the court that she is broke and cannot afford a personal lawyer that shocked me also. Ironically, she is married to a lawyer, but she can’t use him, he is the so-called victim of this alleged crime. Her story reminded me of the story of Geoffrey Owens being found working at Trader Joe’s as a cashier. Geoffrey was one of the stars of The Cosby Show, once of the most successful TV shows of all time. Yet, there he was checking out people at a grocery store.

When all of Hollywood heard his story they all rallied around him and got him lots of jobs. He acting again and doing parts all of the place now. Stacey Dash is a conservative woman who used to work on Fox News, Hollywood will never help her. Notice the huge difference in Hollywood’s response to the two disparate stories. Stacey needs the help of the conservative community.

It would be nice if Fox News stepped up and help Stacey and give her a job. Heck, even the local Fox affiliate in Tampa would be helpful here. Maybe the very few conservatives in Hollywood could help her get a job? Someone in the community should help this woman. I was also amazed at how Stacey has held up over the years. She is fifty-two years old and she is still so beautiful. That was one of the prettiest mugshots I’ve ever seen. Clearly, she will still look good on camera. Time to help Stacey Dash folks.

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