Adonis Stevenson And Now Boxer Patrick Day

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Over the weekend we were reminded once again of how dangerous the sport of boxing is. They really do put their life on the line every time they step in the ring. Saturday night brought us a brutal knockout of Patrick Day. Charles Conwell hit Day so hard that when he hit the canvass his head bounced several times rendering him unconscious.

As soon as I saw Day going into a seizure I knew he was in big trouble. Being a boxing fan my whole life it is not the first time I have seen that. However, when he would not stop seizing I knew this was going to be really bad. Then, we were told that he was still doing it while in the abundance. Later it was reported that he was in a coma and had emergency brain surgery.

The whole thing reminded me of Superman Adonis Stevenson not too long ago where he was in the same kind of situation. Adonis was flat out lucky to have survived. We don’t know if we will be able to say that about Patrick yet. I’m old enough to remember when Boom Boom Ray Mancini killed Kim Duk-Koo in November of 1982. That death sparked all sorts of reforms in the sport of boxing including limiting the rounds down from 15 to 12 rounds max per fight.

They have done a lot to make the sport as safe as possible, but it is a blood sport, and people can get hurt. Just like the NFL, which has a problem where player’s brains are liquefying from the inside called CTE, boxing has its toll on the body as well. I can see a day in the near future where countries start banning these sports due to political correctness. They have already gone after the Running Of The Bulls in Spain. For me, I just love these sports and boxing is my favorite. I don’t want them to take away my guilty pleasure. I wish Patrick Day a full recovery.

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