9/11 A Hard Day To Swallow For Truthers

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Every year this day comes around and we are forced to relive this lie over and over again. It is stunning, that after all these years, the great lie still lives on. The 9/11 Official Government Report is the biggest hoax I have ever seen stick, outside of religion. There is barely any curiosity out there anymore to get to the bottom of what happened on this day eighteen years ago.

The people who question the official report have been branded the crazy ones. It is amazing if you think about it. The folks looking for the truth, or Truthers as we are called, are painted as cartoons in a cartoon graveyard. We are told that we need to ignore the laws of physics and not to pay attention to the architects and engineers that question the narrative put out by the government. We are told we’re conspiracy theorists or nuts.

We are told not to worry about the people who build skyscrapers and their questions about how any of this could have happened. I mean, after all, they are charged with building these buildings. I’m sure they like to know how a plane could have done any of that to avoid that ever happening again. They are telling us to disregard the thousands of architects and engineers that all signed a letter stating none of this could have happened in the way we are told.

What is sad, is there is a whole new generation born that are fed this falsehood to make sure the perennial lie lives on in eternity. They teach this anathema in the public schools so the lemmings can fall of the intellectually honest cliff. I won’t bother pointing out all of the falsehood points by point. If you care enough, you’ll research it yourself, there is plenty out there to see. If you truly care about the people that died that day, you’ll look into this. I would start by asking this one question and see where the rabbit hole goes. What happened to the Black Box Flight Recorders of four different airplanes?

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