The 3 “R” Media Talking Point Russia, Racist, Recession

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The mainstream media will never again be trusted by the American people and they brought that on themselves. It is not just President Trump calling them fake news that makes them fake. It is the collective behavior of the leftist media since the 2016 election.

Well before Donald Trump was president the mainstream media was an activist arm of the Democrat Party. However, after the election, there was no hiding that or make-believe that was not the case. They have collectively walked out into the light of day naked in their agenda. The whole thing has become very Orwellian.

Each news channel on TV and the usual suspects of print media walk in unison and repeat the day’s talking points. It is so orchestrated that there are videos everywhere of compilations of them all saying the same exact thing across the entire leftist media-scape. The idea of a free press is dead forever and there is no way of ever putting that genie back into the fair and balanced bottle.

Since the election, the Democrats seem to be only in possession of the “R” section of the dictionary. They have to give us the 3 R Talking Point Extravaganza. First up was Russia, Russia, Russia and that was fed to us 24/7 for two years until the whole lie collapsed in a Bob Mueller King Tut Cave like spectacular. Democrat voters everywhere felt a Geraldo Rivera disappointment realizing there is no there, there. I’m aging myself with that reference.

Next up on the 3 R Talking Point menu was Racist. All of a sudden the man who hung out with Don King and Mike Tyson was some skinhead loving white nationalist. That is right, we were to believe that the man who not only gave Amarosa a career but actually brought here to the White House with him, was some terrible race hating bigot. I guess the Clintons just missed that whole idea when they went to his wedding.

Last, or next up I should say, was the word Recession. As soon as the media figured out that President Trump has put all of his eggs in the economy basket, they pounced. Last week the Bond Market gave off an indicator that there could possibly be a recession on the horizon, and the media was off and running. Just like the so-called media’s “March To War” before the Iraq War, this time, collectively, the entire leftist media establishment is now calling for a recession to get rid of Trump.

Recession, recession, recession will be broadcasted and printed from coast to coast all day long, every day. It is like they are cheerleading for it. The whole thing is sick to behold. Lead by Bill Maher, who publicly called for a recession to have Trump lose the election, the media is now following suit. Just like when they would ask if Trump is a Russia spy all day, they will now ask if there is a Trump recession coming. As much as I don’t want to see Trump reelected, I can’t help but feel the left should never be rewarded for this behavior. I hope there is a third option in 2020.

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