One Bad Week At CNN On-Air Personalities Exposed

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Between April Ryan, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon CNN have had a bad week. Their on-air personalities exposed their true self and it was ugly to look at. The cable news channel turned away years ago from reporting the news and turned themselves into a partisan arm of the Democrat Party. I used to watch CNN all of the time. Even through the Clinton years, when the channel was nicknamed the Clinton News Network, I still watched.

However, today it is just too hard to watch much of the channel. The Trump hatred on this channel has made the on-air personalities resemble Cujo from the Stephen King novel. There they are day after day, hour after hour, frothing at the mouth. They look like they have political rabies. It really is scary to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I do not support Donald Trump for reelection, but I can’t surrender my critical thinking of the observable reality in front of me like CNN now does.

All three Cumo, Lemon and Ryan have never been likable people to watch on TV. It makes no sense to me why CNN has these people on every day. They’re not the only news network that has unlikable people live on air. Why MSNBC backs the Morning Joe is certainly a riddle. Why Fox News has Shepard Smith anywhere in their building, let alone on air is also an enigma. But CNN is broadcasted around the world and it makes me sad to think that is what people think of us, the CNN view of things.

Cuomo lost his mind because someone called him Fredo. He had what looked like to me a classic case of roid rage. Chris and his arms are getting much bigger. I don’t know if he is juicing up, but to me, that is exactly what it looks like. April’s event had a security guard rough up a reporter who had every right to be there. She did not speak up for freedom of the press when the whole thing went down. That makes her a total hypocrite. And, Lemon was accused in a civil suit of a sexually charged assault of a New York bartender. Maybe it is time for some house cleaning at CNN?

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