Manufactured Recession Timed To Stop Trump Reelection

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Former congressman Ron Paul used to go around and tell anyone who would listen, that all of these recessions are manufactured. He said that we create these bubbles and that is a man-made thing that he blamed on the Federal Reserve and other bankers. Paul went around for years demanding that we audit the Fed. His efforts over the years reminded me of a man standing at the edge of the shore with a broom in his hands trying to sweep back the waves of the ocean.

Without going into the weeds of what happened today with the market, I’d like to lay it out so anyone can understand. Today the Bond Market gave out an indicator that we will have a recession. Historically, this particular indicator is followed by 12-15 months of good times on Wall Street and then the recession hits. It takes that long for some things to catch up to certain realities. The indicator does not mean a recession is a certainty, but it is usually the case when this particular indicator pops up.

Now, if Ron Paul is right, that there is a shadow group of people from the financial services industry that control these kinds of things, then look at the timing of this indicator today. It would bring a recession right before the November Presidential Elections of 2020. Now, that does not seem random to me. Again, if Paul is, in fact, correct about his theory of how and why recessions appear in our economy on a regular basis, then this means certain people have decided Trump must go.

Maybe they got everything they wanted out of him? They got their huge corporate tax cuts and got rid of all the regulations that got in the way of the mighty dollar and now its time to get rid of the orange clown. It would be a certainty if the economy falls into recession before American goes to the voting booth, Trump would lose the election.

People will only put up with his behavior during good times. If the economy takes a turn for the worse, the president could not survive that, no president could. Looks like Bill Maher might get his wish after-all, as he has called for a destructive recession just because he hates the president. When asked about the hurt that could bestow on millions of Americans, he said he did not care, and that it would be worth it to get rid of Trump.

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