How Jeffrey Epstein Died In The Hands Of The Bureau Of Prisons

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The Bureau Of Prisons does not let any high profile inmates come to any harm, let alone die. I don’t care who you are, John Gotti, El Chapo or any high profile inmate, the BOP does not let that person come to any kind of harm. To have Epstein die in their custody is very suspicious. On something like this, you can’t blame people for conspiracy theories.

How Jeffrey died is beyond me, but I am open to some conspiracies here. Jeffrey Epstein was the man who knew too much and knew too many. This is a guy with two presidents in his orbit and the Royal Family, all of a sudden he lands up dead just a day after two thousand pages were released to the public? Something is rotten in Denmark here. The release of just the first batch of papers named even more powerful people in his orbit. Now he is dead?

If the BOP does not produce the video evidence of what happened then that will bring even more suspicion upon this debacle. I would not believe any official statement from the government about this. This is just too shady and it is cover your ass time when it comes to the Bureau. Jeffrey was a man many people would want dead. Word was he was going to cooperate with the government and start naming names. He would have done that to get a lesser sentence.

So, you have to ask yourself what was all of these powerful men doing hanging around Jeffrey Epstein in the first place. If birds of a feather flock together, well this man ran a sex ring using younger girls. So, why were these men associating themselves with a guy like that? What I do know is you do not have to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots here. Here is the free book I wrote on The Bureau Of Prisons

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