Adulterer Mark Sanford Wants To Replace Adulterer President

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You know the family values party is gone when you think of Mark Sanford’s desire to run for president. This is what the Republican Party has been reduced to, one guy who cheats on his wife wants to replace a president that cheats on his wife. Is this the best the Republican Party can do? Those of us who desperately want President Trump primaried and beaten before the general election is left with no hope if Mark Sanford is the guy.

How on Earth anyone still supports president Trump is well above my pay grade. However, there seems to be an unbreakable group of people who want to once again vote against their own self-interest. The Democrats are not giving people like us a decent alternative, so our only chance is to primary the president and beat him before the Democrats take over the White House. But we need someone with some spine to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination.

There is no chance in Hell that Trump can win in 2020. The Democrats will take back Pennsylvania Avenue, and maybe the whole congress if Donald Trump is on the ticket. For this reason alone we need someone to go up against Trump. Politicians in the president’s party are still so afraid to do this, but can’t they see how vulnerable Trump is for a primary challenge? He can be beaten!

Mark Sanford can’t beat Trump, so we need someone who can. And, is it too much to ask for a man or women who does not cheat on their spouse? Can we please reinstall some integrity when it comes to a Republican presidential candidate? Mark Sanford needs to go back to the Appalachian Trail and do some hiking this time. He is out of power and he craves it. It is sickening to see how these politicians can’t move on in life. Once the Republican Party see and apperceives that Trump can’t win this time, maybe they will wake up before it is too late. I won’t hold my breath.

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