Absentminded Old White Man Leads In Democrat Polls

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It is pretty amazing the after the #MeToo Movement and all of the so-called diversity on the left, that they are pushing an absentminded old man to lead their party. How on Earth they have convinced themselves that Joe Biden can beat President Donald Trump is beyond my understanding. It really is weird that they believe this kind of thing. Where is the evidence that’s true?

Joe has definitely lost a step or two over the years. Why would we ever want someone that old to be president is insane if you think about it? His mind and motor-skills are certainly not going to get any better over the coming years. At the very least, we need someone in the White House that is in their prime mentally. I mean it is kind of an important job don’t ya think?

The Democrats are not supporting the younger people with new ideas and energy. The party is not supporting a woman to be the front-runner. They are not backing a minority for the job. With all the self-righteous talk about minorities and women over recent years, when it comes down to it, the party backs an old White Guy. I would not have guessed that in a million years. I don’t ever want to hear another lecture coming from the left about minority and women’s rights.

I think it is time to start coming to terms with the fact that we will have eight years of President Donald Trump. The Democrats are flat out blowing it. You would think that they would put up a person that disgusted Republicans and Never-Trumpers could go for. Joe Biden is someone they all fought against for eight years with the Obama Administration.

Do Democrats think that after fighting Joe Biden for those eight years, that now Republicans would turn around and go vote for him? That idea is nonsensical. That is the one person they can not vote for, any other candidate they would probably cross over to vote for. Think of all those votes they lose by nominating Joe Biden. It is not a smart strategy, to say the least. I said it before and I’ll say it again if there are eight years of Trump you only have the Democrats to blame.

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