Mayor Pete Has Lost My Support

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I once had high hopes for Mayor Pete but the more he opened his mouth the further way my support went. I thought Pete had a compelling story and background. I felt his military experience was something we needed back in the White House. But I have grown sour on Mayor Pete the more and more he opens his mouth.

Watching and listening to him from a distance it became clear to me that Pete will say anything he thinks he has to and that depends on the audience in front of him. I was extremely disappointed when he revealed himself as just another one of those politicians. You know, the ones that lick their finger and place it in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

I knew he had a problem with the black community and that was going to make things hard on him being successful in that party where blacks hold much sway. However, Mayor Pete now has a problem with the common man that does not want to back yet another politician that will say and do anything to get elected. He has a populist problem now because there is no way we can support him anymore. One of the biggest problems for populist is to see and feel someone who is fake.

The biggest disappointment that came to light for me was when Pete jumped on the everyone is a racist bandwagon. When he joined that crowd, who is busy tearing this nation apart, Mayor Pete lost me. What he and others like him don’t understand is that the word racist coming out of the mouth of a Democrat has no meaning. It’s the Chicken Little effect and it is not the sky falling but it is support for the Democrat Party as a whole. Andrew and Tulsi are the only ones left to support out of all those people. The rest of the candidates, well, you can keep them.

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