These Are The Countries That Need To Be Kicked Out Of NATO

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President Donald Trump has been the only American president to take on the problems at NATO. However, he has not gone far enough or pushed back enough. NATO is a mess and all of these people saying we need to stay in it have not thought it through or are living in the past. We should leave NATO ourselves unless we can kick out the countries that do not belong there anymore.

I have heard the argument of how this alliance has kept the peace for seventy years. Bla, bla, bla; this point of view ignores that peace has been on our shoulders for decades and Europe has been taking advantage of us on a grand scale. We care more about the alliance than they do, and for that reason alone, it no longer works. The American Taxpayer has been raped for nearly a century trying to protect Europe. And for what?

For example, Turkey and Germany need to be kicked out of NATO immediately. Turkey has long not been our friend and has drifted from us. Going back to the Iraq War, when they would not let us invade from the North, they have long not been our buddies. That was not the action of a NATO partner. They have drifted further from western values than almost any member of NATO.

Germany is getting its oil from Russia and giving them billions of dollars to cause trouble all over the world. Here we are protecting Germany from the Russians, while at the same time Germany is filling the bank accounts of the former Soviet Union. Does that make any sense? We confronted them about this oil pipeline and they won’t get rid of it. So we need to get rid of them and kick them out of NATO.

Every single nation who does not pay their two percent towards our collective defense needs to be kicked out of NATO and I mean right away. We have been begging them for decades to carry their own weight in this regard and they refuse. Too many nations care less about our collective defense and NATO can’t go on this way.

Either all of this is cleaned up by the end of 2019 or we need to leave NATO and let those countries defend themselves. The American Taxer Payer as had enough and we reject all arguments to the contrary. We’ve heard them all and they do not hold water anymore. It is time to create a new alliance that more reflects the observable reality of the 21st Century.

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