Ross Perot Was The Original Populist

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Ross Perot was the first populist to run for president in my lifetime. Today the populist movement is growing across the globe, so Ross was a man ahead of his time. I remember when he told Bill Clinton at the debate when Clinton was touting him being a governor as his experience to be president, Ross told him just because you can run and mom and pop, doesn’t mean you can run Walmart. Of course, the next presidential cycle they barred Perot from the debates.

The man was so right at the time about NAFTA and that giant sucking could go south of Americans losing their jobs. The people who supported Trump are the same people that backed Ross Perot back in the day. The difference is that Ross was a true believer of the working man and Trump just used the talking points of populism and then governed conservative. That was the big betrayal by Trump and why I won’t support him a second time. I’m looking for a true believer and Ross was one of them.

One of Perot’s genius was that he saw our two-party system as broken and a failure. The people who respond to populism do not trust either party. Ross was with us on this matter, a true believer that both parties have sold us all out. The man got twenty million votes or twenty percent of the vote running as a third choice outside the two-party horror show.

His one on one debate with Al Gore on Larry King was priceless to watch. It is worth going back and looking at the film of that. Al was in way over his head. Billionaires do not kowtow to politicians, it is the other way around. Ross was a technology guy back in the early days of technology and he sold two different companies for billions of dollars. Ross had a big influence on politics in my lifetime and may he rest in peace.

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