Look At The Damage Two Kentucky Senators Have Done To America

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For such a little state in our union, somehow their two Senators have done some serious damage to our democracy. Why such a small state has so much destructive power over our nation needs to be looked at. Just in the last week, Mitch McConnell has killed a fifteen dollar minimum wage for working-class people. And, Rand Paul blocked the money for the 9/11 responders for their healthcare.

Sure, they give you their standard knee jerk conservative response that has no root in observable reality why they harmed lots of people this week. They vomit out their provable failed ideology as reasons for their odious actions. None of this is new, libertarianism and conservatism acted out in real life will always do more harm than it will do good, no different from liberalism. But, you would never convince these ideologues of this axiom.

Mitch will tell you that over a million jobs will be lost if they bring the working wage up to fifteen dollars an hour. He’ll tell you that while ignoring it will raise the standard of living for over seventeen million people. He won’t tell you that each company has to have a minimum amount of people, regards of the pay, to operate an establishment and that they would have to dig into their corporate profits to pay for the wage increase.

This is what happens when we send nothing but millionaires to govern us. Rand Paul will tell you we need to offset the money for the 9/11 responders somewhere else in the budget. The political scamp never asked that when he voted for the massive corporate tax cut. Rand Paul is the biggest opportunist in all of congress, and that is saying something. Time after time, he sits in wait, then at the last minute, interjects himself as the last vote to put some law over the line and demands all sorts of unreasonable things. It would be hard to find a more hated politician this week. However, they take their turns weekly from both parties.

The answer to this particular vexation is that we as a nation, have to convince the people of Kentucky to stop sending these two men to congress. Kentucky has some great things about it. The Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Bourbon, collegiate basketball and of course Muhammad Ali are all things the people in the state of Kentucky can boast about. However, their two senators are doing measurable damage to our nation over quite a period of time now. We just need the citizens of Kentucky to just pick two different people rather than keep sending these horrible human beings back to congress year after year. It is not hyperbole to say that these two men represent a clear and present danger to the working class of America.

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