Kamala Harris Is Married To A White Man

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Kamala Harris and her race have been under scrutiny as of late. Born of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father people started questioning whether she was black enough. All of this might stem from the confusing appellations American blacks have called themselves over the decades. In my lifetime alone they have called themselves negroes, colored, black, and then they landed on African American. The problem with African American is the fact that not all black people are descents from Africa. Kamala is one example of this. She is not a descendant from American slaves. Unless you call all humanity descendants of Africa dating back to Mitochondrial Eve, the term African American simply does not apply to many people, including Kamala Harris.

Barack Hussein Obama dealt with this same kind of questing of his race. When the press started pushing the narrative that he was the first black president, many who were not born coming out of a white vagina mused out loud whether or not he was, in fact, the first black president. Some questioned what would we say to the first person to become president that had both parents who were black. Would he not be the real first black president they asked? Isn’t Barack the first mulatto president and not the first black president some would wonder.

With Barack’s middle name and partial Muslim upbringing, people even questioned whether he was Christian or not. People that defended him as a Christian always left out the fact of what kind of Christian he was. Obama went to a Black Liberation Theology church and that is where he baptized his kids. So yes he settled on Christianity, but the type of Christianity he clung to is always ignored by the left-wing press.

Kamala Harris shouldn’t worry too much about people questioning these things, it is nothing new. President Kennedy had to make a speech about his Catholicism and show people his allegiance was to America and not The Pope. What she needs to worry more about, is that fact that she will never get the Democrat nomination. She won’t get it, not because she is not black enough, she will never get it because black people by vast numbers in the Democrat Party prefer the old white guy over her. Just like after fifty years, and when it was time to settled down in 2014, Kamala preferred an old white guy when she finally got married. So I am sure she will understand the preference of Democrat primary voters.

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