I Did Not Watch The World Cup Because Of Politics

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I did not watch the World Cup because of politics and I am sure I am not the only one. The left has ruined so many things that I used to watch because they push their liberal or progressive politics down my throat. As soon as I saw what looked like the quintessential self-loathing American not respect the National Anthem while wearing the uniform of the U.S. Team in the World Cup, it just brought me back to why I will not watch so many things the left has forever destroyed.

First, let us make this clear, a self-loathing American is a real thing, it is not some fantasy cooked up by politically incorrect people who are not “Woke”, but it is something that actually is getting on many people’s nerves. If you are not a part of or have any experience with self-loathing Americans then just watch MSNBC. You too could be among the people that seem to hate their own country. Well, we had one on our U.S. Soccer Team this year and I for one am sick of these kind of people blaming America for every damn wrong known to mankind.

It is the self-loathing Americans that caused all of this bad feeling about following the World Cup, because they shit all over the flag, and our national song every chance they get. The reason why so many people tuned out is the same reason so many people walked away from the NFL. Many will not watch these things and support in any way these people or companies that denigrate our country constantly.

I do not support Kaepernick, and or Nike, because of this kind of thing of bringing politics into my escapism of sports, and I never will. We as Americans, are so inundated with politics, or partisan politics, that we are in numbers not supporting or watching certain things anymore. The World Cup this year was one of them. The list keeps growing…

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