Democrats Chase People Back Into The Arms Of Trump

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I once held the thought that there was no way that Trump could win again. Last time he barely got through and this time, he has disappointed so many people, like myself, I could not see how he could be reelected. However, I forgot one way he could win, the Democrats could put up another person that can’t beat him. Last time the party nominated the most hated woman in politics and they lost. This time they have two dozen candidates that produce no front runners that could even have a chance of beating the president.

The Democrat Party has not learned the lesson that America is sick of the same politicians that have been part of the problem for years. They have one non-politician running in Andrew Yang, who I would support, but Andrew is not in the top tier of candidates in the polls. Instead, it looks like the Democrat Party is going to hand us one of a bunch of old people that outside the party, nobody wants.

If they think that America wants some tired old man in Joe Biden, they have lost their mind. Giving “Never Trumpers” the man they fought against for eights years alongside Obama won’t work. You thought Jeb Bush was low energy, Sleepy Joe is the real deal in that regard. There is no groundswell of people begging for a Biden presidency. The man exudes the concept of yesterday.

Who else is trying to give us, Elizabeth Warren? Does the Democrat Party think to put up a what seems like a mentally ill woman, who thinks she is an Indian, is the way to beat Trump? I mean how do we ignore that whole thing about Warren? Are we just to turn our heads and not wonder why a woman would go around as the most European person amongst us, claiming she is an Indian? Don’t you think there is a problem there? Did you see her beer video? This woman is completely fake. That is not going to beat Trump.

Who can beat Trump, Bernie Sanders? That is one sure way for the Democrats to lose the election. Put up as their nominee a man who is a self-described Democrat Socialist. If that is who they present to America, Trump will win with a 48 state Reagan like a landslide. Forget the fact that Bernie sounds more like a broken record than something brand new for America’s future. Not to mention Sanders’ sullen personality or his age, the man will never be the next president. They would not be abominating an actually democrat in Bernie’s case. There is no way that works.

Who then? Who can beat Trump? Who can former Trump supporters, Never Trumpers and people looking for something new vote for from the Democrat Party? It can’t be Kamala Harris. Looking closer at the observable political reality, Kamala Harris will probably be in consideration for a vice presidential slot. I don’t think Commander and Chief are going to be part of her future. You can pay consultants lots of money to figure why, but it comes down to one thing, the woman is not authentic. She comes across as a fake and Americans can smell that fetor a mile away.

Running for president exposes everything about you. There is no mystery left, we see right through the person. I used to hear people say, oh, if you can only see how Hillary is off-camera. Well, I always thought that was hogwash, we all saw who and what Hillary Clinton is and was, that is why we rejected her. Running for president goes on for so long, and the person is put through so much, that in the end, the process reveals everything about that person’s character.

Kamala Harris is just right out of the gate and already we see clues to her character. She is trying to be anything but herself. Kamala is making that age-old mistake in trying to be what everyone wants her to be. And depending on who is the crowd she is speaking to, will dictate who she will try to be. When asked on a black radio show host, whether she smoked pot or not. To fit in with that crowd, she made up a story about smoking pot and listening to music that did not even exist at the time.

She pissed her father off when she told that crowd some stereotypical tropes about Jamaican people and smoking pot. Her father, who is Jamaican, publicly pull her out on Front Street and scolded her about spreading these stereotypes about Jamaican people and her own family. When it is exposed that her career as a prosecutor was way more conservative, than it was progressive, Kamala starts a false narrative about how she was working from within the system to change it in a more progressive way, while that being said, there is no proof of that claim whatsoever. She, in fact, had a typical and tactical guns blazing prosecutor’s career.

However, the main reason why she will never be president is something that is true, but politically incorrect to say. The woman has an annoying voice. Americans are not going to want to listen to that voice for four years. Like nails to a chalkboard, Kamala’s voice is dipping with that elitist condensation and tone. The pitch and sound of her irritating voice would repel voters of all political stripes. It is that simple, and there is not a damn thing political consultants can do about that. The Democrat Party has no yet shown us someone who can beat President Donald Trump. And, I for one, am very sad about that. I can’t believe the Democrat Party does not realize that Andrew Yang would be Trump’s kryptonite. They are going to lose another presidential election.

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