Democrats Can’t Be Rewarded With White House

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It is so sad that people who can no longer support President Trump have nowhere to go. How on Earth can we reward the Democrats with the office of the presidency after their behavior the last three years? As bad as I personally want to see Trump go, I just can’t reward a party that has lost heir collective mind with any support.

It is so horrible to be in this position and care and follow politics. Watching the primary for the Democrats and on the eve of the next round of debates, I find myself feeling sad. I have backed every Republican for president in my entire life. Growing up under Reagan and the first Bush, I have never even thought about supporting a Democrat. However, this time around I could easily back a Democrat for the highest office. I just now I am not alone and are probably among millions of people that feel that way.

But here I and millions of others are and the freaking party can’t even give us somebody we can stomach. There are plenty of people running that we can back. But the Democrats won’t back any of them. Instead of giving us Tulsi, Amy, Pete or Andrew the party is backing a bunch of old people who have been in Washington D.C. for years, and are in fact part of the problem. I can’t tell you how sad that makes me feel.

The Democrats are doing everything possible to affect re-election of Donald Trump. Their insanity surrounding a Russian conspiracy that has choked out every independent thinking person; to the fact that they have ruined almost everything on TV. We can’t watch sports, award shows or even late-night comedy hosts on TV without wanted to hang ourselves from the dripping bias. It is all so unwatchable and their presidential front-runners are so unacceptable, that millions of us are just so sad. I hate to use that adjective over and over again, but we just feel so sad.

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