Andy Ruiz Jr. Is American Not Mexican

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Andy Ruiz Jr was born in the United States but still won’t simulate into our society. Andy’s shocking victory over Anthony Joshua brought with it another shock, Andy doesn’t understand he is American apparently. Claiming he is the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion is a complete falsehood since he was born here in America. Mexico still has not had a heavyweight champion, despite the results of last Saturday’s fight.

Mexican-Americans have had a hard time simulating into our nation and this was out on display at Madison Square Gardens when they played the Mexican National Anthem when there was no Mexican in the fight. MSG played three national anthems when there were only two fighters. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Andy only put his hand over his heart for the Mexican Anthem, and not for his own. I was disgusted watching this.

America does itself no favor when it allows this kind of un-simulation when it comes to the Latino cultures that are coming here literally in droves. Andy Ruiz Jr. does himself no favor when it turns is back on his own country. He differently lost a potential fan in me. I will never support him after all this. As far as I see it, Andy traded an American Hero for a parade in Mexico. All the endorsements he will lose by claiming his allegiance for Mexico over his own country is incalculable.

The reality and evident truth here is that “all” of the heavyweight belts that mean anything now reside in America. Mexico can give Andy a parade all they want, but they cannot claim they ever had a heavyweight champion. I think we all know that Andy is not going to keep these belts for very long. Chances are, he will go down in history like Buster Douglas, as not to be a real champ that defends his championship for long. However, I do give pause to that comparison. Anthony Joshua was no Mile Tyson.

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